Fort Jacques, 2006.

Fort Jacques, 2006.


It all started when...

New Hope Haiti Mission was started in 1999 by an American missionary, Debbie Mitchell and her then husband, Dennis Lockhart. The first four children that were placed in their care that year. Debbie had a heart to help take care of children that were either orphaned or abandoned or in dire need of fostering. Between the years of 2000-2004 the home grew to 28 children. The home was in the neighborhood of Santo, which is on the eastern outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

In 2005, due to political unrest, the home was moved from Santo to the mountain community above Port-au-Prince called Fort Jacques. The children and staff did not like the cold temperatures!

During 2007-2010, seven of the children were adopted by American families.

In 2007, Debbie Mitchell resigned as director and returned to the United States and the home was solely led by Haitian staff.

In 2009, the home relocated back to Santo and the organization, after a year long process, received a license from IBESR or Institut du Bien Etre Social et de Recherches (Haitian Social Services Department) to operate legally as a non-adopting orphanage. In Haiti, when you apply for the licensure, you must chose between adopting and non-adopting. Some of the children already living at NHHM were not available for adoption and therefore, we pursued the non-adopting orphanage status. NHHM has not received a child since 2004, nor will be accepting any new children into the home. We are raising these children (now teens) entrusted to us and when all have aged out at age 18, we will close the home. We currently have 10 kids living at the home and all will be aged out by 2020.

Over the years of 2008-2015 several missionary families, both American and Haitian, have helped with the children's home as directors and house parents. We owe a great deal of gratitude to all who have worked to make a safe and thriving home for the children.

In 2010, the catastrophic earthquake rocked the Port-au-Prince area. This was only one month after moving back down the mountain. Walls and steps fell at our house but thankfully no one was injured physically. Unfortunately, the staff and children suffered from PTSD and it took over a year before they were able to move out of tents and back into the home to sleep at night.

NHHM has also been involved in church planting and community development over the years. We worked in the remote village of Balan, helping a Haitian pastor, Leonel Dorsaint, build a church and help feed the hungry. In 2011, we sold our property to an organization who had a long term investment in the community of Balan and that ministry absorbed the ministry of Pastor Leonel and Balan Christian Church.

In 2014, we started our 3L (Limyè L'espri'm Limen) School Sponsorship program in the neighborhood of Santo. This program is designed to help children go to school who would otherwise not be attending due to the financial situations of their families. Read more...

Other community outreach that we currently are involved in: English classes, micro-loans, and a tool share.

Since 2014 we have seen 11 children graduate from our care. All but one are living with a family member. This year we will see some our kids enter college.