School Sponsorship


School Sponsorship

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Limye L'espri'm Limen means Enlighten My Mind. We believe that it only takes a tiny spark to light up the mind of children to their God-given intellects and imagination. Unfortunately many children in Haiti are not in school due to the economic situation of their parent/s. All primary and secondary education is privatized with the exception of a few government schools. Tuition is very expensive. Education is highly valued in Haitian culture and parents want to be able to send their kids. Unschooled children are at risk to being abandoned at orphanages, working at home, or given to another family as a child-slave or restevek.

Students are selected through an interview process with their family. We currently accept children who would not be going to school if not for a sponsorship. The parents of the child agree to our program's rules, expectations, and are involved in their child's learning process. There a few fees that we leave to the parents to fulfill. Here is what your sponsorship will cover:

  • All tuition for the entire school year and exam fees
  • Provides the child a school uniform
  • Provides a healthy breakfast before school
  • After school tutoring and parent follow-up
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